Leakage Protection 'Plus' for Gate Valves


Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: AQSKFR02

The Aqua-Scope Leak Protection System AQSKFR02 monitors the water pipes of a building and shuts off the water in case of leaks. Thanks to the wireless control, the user can also turn the water off and on manually or set it on a programmable timer.

The system consists of the Aqua-Scope Monitor as the main device with its water pressure sensor, two further wireless flood sensors, two wired flood sensors to be connected to the actuator and the main device and the actuator for a KFR angle seat valve to shut off the water. The monitor monitors all water pipes from the main water meter. The water pressure and temperature are regularly measured and transmitted wirelessly.

An additional wired sensor can be connected to both the monitor and the actuator. If such a sensor detects water leakage, the user is alerted, and depending on the user configuration, the water is immediately shut off.

The system communicates via WLAN, either to the Aqua-Scope Cloud and thus to an app on your mobile phone or PC, or via MQTT to a server of your choice, or as a JSON object to a Smart Home Gateway. The communication between devices is through a robust LoRa connection, allowing the main device, for example, to be installed on the first or second floor while the actuator can be in the basement or even outside the house.

This is a bundle consisting of the following devices: 1* AQXWIE02, 1 * KFRLWE01, 2*FLOLWE02, 2 *ALIXXX01 as part of the former devices. Please note that this is a soft bundle. You will receive individual packaging for the four main products.

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